A Man's World: Story of Joe Corley

Documentary Film – Running Time: 47 mins.

The story of Joe Corley takes threw a journey through the life of a real a American father, husband and avid golf player, told in his own words. Unforgettable lessons are taught in each phase of his life. Joe tells the story about his upbringing with his 9 brothers and sisters. With a strong women by his side, they raised 9 children together as well. As Joe reflects on his life he realizes he lived the “American Dream”. He is proud to be a man but yet understands it means nothing without a women.

Part of the A Mans World series The Story Of Joe Corley is a story about life in the USA. This Film is meant to help find your purpose in life. The story starts from his birth until this present time. As we all journey as one, Joe sets example of a successful American life. Threw all the basics of family, love and career. The story takes place in Long Island NY.

A Man's World: Aaron Beasley – Where I'm From

Documentary Film – Running Time: 50 mins.

From Pottstown Pennsylvania this all around athlete becomes one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. Aaron shows you through hard work and dedication just how good you can be. The love for sports resonates in his soul as he tells you about how he got to where he is from. Born with a special talent of endurance, strength and stamina, coming from a family of athletes, Aaron was destined to become a pro football player.

This project is part of the A MANS WORLD Series. It will be the first out of the Documentaries I will market and promote threw digital platforms etc. The Film is a sports athlete story. A former NFL player Aaron Beasley walks you threw his upbringing in Pottstown P.A. Truly inspiring for future athletes in many ways as threw out the film Aaron shows you how he is coaching and mentoring aspiring youth football players to be the best they can be. The film goes into the core of the school system threw his elementary all the way into high school.

In the Lane to Success

Documentary Film – Running Time: 54 mins.

On your mark, get set, go!! The kids on the Uniondale PAL Track program are all about learning and expanding there track and field abilities. Meeting one goal, to win a gold medal at the most anticipated day of the track season, the Championships. Threw the season the kids compete with different towns every weekend for 8 weeks. Its a race against time to see who has what it takes to be number 1. Building lanes for our youth is the key to success.

This is a community driven film. Great illustration on how communities, Counties,Towns and State can organize together. PAL offers a Track and Filed program for the youth. Kids learn train and compete among each other from different towns around NY. The film takes you step by step on what the coaches have the kids practice. During this 7 week program they compete in a weekly track meet with other kids. The goal of the program is effective in a positive way. The Film brings all these traits out from the organizers, coaches and parents.

The Great Adventures Of ABcrapulous

Documentary Film – Running Time: Varies

Abscrapulous is a series of visuals about life and the journey in it. A fusion mix of Abnormal music and creativity into a visual expression. Journey into time and space with imagination from out of this world. There are infinite episodes and over 50 chapters of this captivating experience. Join the adventure, be scrapulous and fight for what you believe in. From the birth of our existence to the future of mankind. It's The Great Adventures of Abscrapulous.